71 Seconds with 2005 Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon

Curious about what PMOY 2005 Tiffany Fallon has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

“As you get older, you come into your own, and I now have this sense of stability with myself and my sexuality. I’ve stopped caring about what other people think. Call me an outlaw. At this point, I’m like, ‘You know what? I got it going on. I’m fierce. This is the way it works for me.’”

"I grew up in Fort Lauderdale around the beach, which is far from being a Southern girl. Since moving to Nashville, though, I’ve turned on the Southern charm. Call me Southern-fried! I love this city. Nashville makes it easy to lead a rock-star life yet still have a normal existence. At heart, I’ve always been more of an all-natural kind of girl who is comfortable in a pair of jeans."

“You know what I still have to this day? The 2005 electric-blue Chevy Corvette that Hef gave me when I was named Playmate of the Year. I actually drove it the other day, and it still has my “PMOY 05” license plate. I just love it. Not everyone keeps the prizes they get, but for me my Corvette represents a token of Playboy’s—and Hef’s—affection. The best thing about that car is it only seats two so, you know, mama only has room for one more—and I’m the only one who gets to drive it.”

“Being a Playmate is a special crown I still wear to this day. I’m proud of it, and it’s fun to dip my toes into the Playmate pond every once in awhile. I love going back to the Mansion, partaking in the festivities, visiting Hef and seeing Playmates from the 1960s.

I keep up with a lot of the girls from my year because we have a special, crazy bond no one can take away. It’s like being in the NFL. Only so many athletes can make it to the NFL, and only so many women can become a Playmate. No one is ever going to yank off my bunny ears.”