Stacy Fuson is the New Daily Vitamin

A Vitamin a Day

“I started my vitamin company, Vitamins by Stacy, all on my own with my own money. I hired no employees, did it on my own and got it off the ground. I am very interested in health and wellness. I’m a health nut, as my friends would say. Most foods are processed now, and you don’t get adequate nutrition, especially when you’re traveling a lot as I do, so vitamins and supplements are really important in staying healthy.”

Beauty and Brains

“I have a bunch of fellow Playmate sisters who are involved in businesses and own their own businesses, and it breaks the Playmate stereotype. I’m very happy and proud to be one of the Playmates who took her money, went back to college, got her degree and started a business that did well. There’s a group of us, and I’m happy to be apart of that. There’s always that constant support of a fellow Playmate sister doing something in business.”

Giving Back

“One of the best things about becoming a Playmate is the ability to give back and to do charity work. I’m very into philanthropy and humanitarian work. I’m glad I’m able to help raise money because of my career and having been a Playmate. I zip-lined down the Vegas strip to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospital. And I was in Houston, Texas recently, and we were donating a $10,000 check to Shriner’s, which was so rewarding. I’m also on the board of the One Step Closer foundation, which raises money for people living with Cerebral Palsy.”

Beating Stereotypes

“I am really into sports. I play golf. I hike. I play tennis. I play softball. I wake surf. Pretty much any sport, I play it. Nikki Leigh and I were even on the Playboy softball team. And when we got up to bat you can feel that everybody’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this Playmate, she’s probably worried about breaking her nails. She probably can’t hit a ball!’ And the infielders move in closer. And I think, ‘Oh, this is gonna be awesome.’ And I just hit a line drive and POW! Down third base into the left field. And the response is just hilarious. They’re, like, ‘Oh, shit – she can hit!’”