A Day at the Beach with Ashley Hobbs

Our Miss December 2010 Ashley Hobbs hails from Kailua, Hawaii and is in every way the perfect beach girl. So what has the blonde, blue-eyed Polynesian been up to since posing for Playboy? Besides being a professional model and college student, you can probably guess where you’ll find this Playmate on a sunny day. “I’m an island girl to the bone,” Hobbs told Playboy. “I’m a Polynesian girl, a typical Kailua girl who wakes up, puts the bikini on and goes to the beach. I jump in my beat up truck, put my paddleboard in the back and get her done!” This Playmate knows how to do it right at the beach. So sit back, and let Miss December 2012 tell you about her favorite parts of going to the Kailua beaches.

For a girl who grew up in Hawaii, nothing is better than the ocean. “The beach is my favorite place of all to be,” Ashley says. “It’s calming, it’s relaxing, it’s free and you can get a whole bunch of your friends together and enjoy the whole day. And you can get an amazing tan.”” And Ashley’s favorite spot in Kailua? “Lanikai is my favorite beach. It’s by far, hands-down, the beach I choose to go to all the time,” she says. “There are no waves and you can just float on your back.”

And of course, every beach girl needs some Island music to listen to. “Music is an absolute must-have on the beach,” Ashley says. “If I’m by myself I’ll put headphones on and just chill, but if I’m with a whole bunch of people we’ll get huge speakers and blast music!” Her go-to genre is reggae music, but if she is in the right mood, country music will do. “I love Zac Brown Band, especially their songs about partying on the beach,” Ashley says. There seems to be a common theme here.

As far as taking this Playmate out on a date, you better somehow incorporate the beach. “I definitely need someone who loves dogs and will take a walk with me and them on the beach,” Ashley says. “Even if it’s six in the morning, the guy has to want to get up and go with me.” Planning a romantic night at the beach is another key to winning Ashley’s heart. And you better make sure to bring a blanket and a bottle of wine. “Looking at the stars on the beach and listening to the waves crash while we just talk is so romantic to me,” says Hobbs.