Far From A Swan Song for Crystal McCahill

Curious about what Miss May 2009 Crystal McCahill has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

Runway Ready
“I just moved back to L.A. from Chicago to work on my swimsuit line, Hunny B. Yes, the B stands for bunny. I’m becoming a real businesswoman, doing everything from designing the suits to the legal work behind the business. I did a nine-week workshop called Stitch Factory and learned everything you would learn in design school. I had never sewn before so it was awesome. I wore a couple of my pieces in Hawaii recently and there is no better feeling than when someone compliments something you actually made by hand.”

Intelligent Design
“I am a bigger chested girl, so Hunny B will definitely cater more to girls who have a bigger top. You know, the girls with big girls. But nothing too flashy—think sexy, classy and something you could wear in Vegas, on a boat or in L.A. I hope to have the line out in a few months. I have a website, HunnyBunnyWear.com, where people can submit their e-mail addresses to be notified when we’re up-and-running.”

Sunny Disposition
“Being from Chicago, I am nothing but a summer girl. I love it! I’ve been soaking up the California sun, hiking Runyon Canyon and rollerblading in Santa Monica and Venice. (When it comes to rollerblading, you have to get a little speaker and just glide—very 1980s!) I try to be as active outdoors as possible, but I am also Irish so I have to be careful.”

Don’t Forget to Tip
“If you’re looking for the perfect summer cocktail, try my raspberry fizz: Muddle raspberry and mint with vodka and top with soda water. It’ll make you feel all bubbly inside, I promise.”

Role Model
“I am still very much a Playmate and have been doing a lot of acting, too. I have two movies coming out this summer, a bromance comedy called Flock of Dudes and the Sin City sequel. In Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, I play a waitress serving shots to Mickey Rourke. It was intimidating working with him because he stays in character the entire time, but he is so nice and super fun. I kind of have this little weird crush on him now.”

Family Ties
“My mother, Gale Olson, was Miss August 1968, and this month marks her 46th anniversary as a Playmate. I am so fortunate to have her. She has always been so classy and I’ve been able to pick up on those traits from her. I think that’s what defines a Playmate: gracious, classy and polite.”

“I remember loving her photos and wanting to re-create them. I posed with the white swan for my May 2009 pictorial and I did it again for the Playmate Redux shoot. I had my mom sign the swan and I signed it. One of these days, I’ll sell it.”