Come Alive with Miss September 2007 Patrice Hollis

Curious about what Miss September 2007 Patrice Hollis has been up to since her centerfold? When she’s not being hired as a private investigator, she’s engaged in some, shall we say, adult business.

Private Eye
“I found a company called Las Vegas Detectives and I met with the owner of the company, who is a guy who used to actually be a sheriff in Santa Barbara. He’s been a detective for over 40 years. He kind of just threw me out there to the wolves, and I was actually really good at it. I had done it for about three years. We did all types of things like infidelity to missing persons. I’ve done accident scenes, bagging and tagging evidence, background checks, everything. I just stopped working so I could focus on my adult toy business.”

An Adult World
“Right now we have five products because it takes a while to design and develop each one. I draw it out and I go back and forth with my manufacturer for a clay design. And I take it to an adult superstore in Vegas to see if they are actually interested in purchasing. I’m very excited about it. I’ve been working on it really hard. I made a lot of sacrifices because financially I’m paying out of pocket for everything. I don’t have investors or loans or anything. So I completely wanted to own 100 percent of my company. So it’s fun. It’s an adventure.”

Good Vibrations
“A good sex toy always has light vibrations. For my specific line, they’re actually bullet covers. They’re little covers that go over a normal bullet vibrator. So it’s just more fun to it. A lot of the designs are more discrete, meaning the first design is like the tongue. You know, it’s coming out of the mouth and the vibrator goes in the bottom of it. You can use it either way. A good vibrator is fun and discrete at the same time.”

Miss All Natural
“I always had that nickname, like Miss All Natural, things of that nature. I just took it and trademarked it with Miss All Natural’s Adult Novelty Toy Line. And I love my Redux shoot because at this time, it really embodies me. I have my natural hair, no extensions. I don’t have a grip of makeup. I really, really embody Miss All Natural. I’m very happy with that shoot.”