Pilar Lastra

Playmate Redux

Pilar Lastra

Miss August 2004 returns, this time with video cameras rolling

Curious about what Miss August 2004 Pilar Lastra has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

“I drive in a series of off-road races in what’s called a wide-open car. It’s one part dune buggy, one part truck. I love it. Sometimes if I’m not feeling great, I will head to Baja or northern Nevada to do some off-roading. Immediately, everything becomes better. What can I say? I’m an adrenaline junkie with dirt coursing through my veins.”

“To be a good race-car driver you must know how to remain calm. I’m the most calm when I’m moving at 150 miles per hour. If my mind wanders and I think about some moron I’m dating, something somebody said or a task that needs to get done, I’m going to miss a turn and hit a wall. In off-road racing, you have a co-driver who gives you directions—things like, ‘Caution on your left.’ Basically, she’s telling me what to do. If I’m not present or calm enough to process her directions, I will get us both killed.”

“Still, no matter how careful you are, you can get into sticky situations. One time I almost flipped my car backward. I was driving up a waterfall in Baja when I hit a pothole; my foot slipped off the throttle, and we stalled and started to roll back. My co-driver and I were dangling off a cliff, one tire in the air. I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or pass out. All I knew was that I better give it just enough throttle and let off the brakes just enough in order to move forward instead of spin back. I did something right, because I lived to tell about it. When we got to the top, I stopped the car, looked at my co-driver and was like, ‘Fuck!’”

“In 2011, I wrote a book called Treat Me Like Your Car: A Man’s Guide to Treating A Lady. It uses cars as a universal language between men and women. There’s bare-minimum scheduled maintenance that must be done to keep your car running. Relationships work the same way: The better care you take of it, the longer it’s going to last. Of course, I think every guy is like, ‘Yeah, I’ll treat my lady like a car. I’ll drive her around, wreck her a couple of times and then trade her in for a newer model.’ You can do that. But if you treat women like trash and cycle through them, eventually they’re going to quit on you.”