Pilar Lastra

Curious about what Miss August 2004 Pilar Lastra has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

“I drive in a series of off-road races in what’s called a wide-open car. It’s one part dune buggy, one part truck. I love it. Sometimes if I’m not feeling great, I will head to Baja or northern Nevada to do some off-roading. Immediately, everything becomes better. What can I say? I’m an adrenaline junkie with dirt coursing through my veins.”

“To be a good race-car driver you must know how to remain calm. I’m the most calm when I’m moving at 150 miles per hour. If my mind wanders and I think about some moron I’m dating, something somebody said or a task that needs to get done, I’m going to miss a turn and hit a wall. In off-road racing, you have a co-driver who gives you directions—things like, ‘Caution on your left.’ Basically, she’s telling me what to do. If I’m not present or calm enough to process her directions, I will get us both killed.”

“Still, no matter how careful you are, you can get into sticky situations. One time I almost flipped my car backward. I was driving up a waterfall in Baja when I hit a pothole; my foot slipped off the throttle, and we stalled and started to roll back. My co-driver and I were dangling off a cliff, one tire in the air. I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or pass out. All I knew was that I better give it just enough throttle and let off the brakes just enough in order to move forward instead of spin back. I did something right, because I lived to tell about it. When we got to the top, I stopped the car, looked at my co-driver and was like, ‘Fuck!’”

“In 2011, I wrote a book called Treat Me Like Your Car: A Man’s Guide to Treating A Lady. It uses cars as a universal language between men and women. There’s bare-minimum scheduled maintenance that must be done to keep your car running. Relationships work the same way: The better care you take of it, the longer it’s going to last. Of course, I think every guy is like, ‘Yeah, I’ll treat my lady like a car. I’ll drive her around, wreck her a couple of times and then trade her in for a newer model.’ You can do that. But if you treat women like trash and cycle through them, eventually they’re going to quit on you.”