Neferteri Shepherd

Curious about what Miss July 2000 Neferteri Shepherd has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

“I started a nonprofit foundation called Single Mom Planet. It’s meant to empower single moms such as myself—I have two sons—to live a dynamic life that they love. We host events so moms can meet and share advice. We also have a website where moms can get recipes, exercise tips and advice on dating, relationships and raising their kids.”

“MILF is an interesting term. I certainly don’t feel slighted when people use it around me. I think all moms should look good—but single moms even more so, because we’re on the market. Sure, there have been occasions where I look like somebody’s momma, but I take pride at making sure I’m on point. As a single mother, you’re competing with women who don’t have any kids and can take two or three hours to get dressed.”

“When I started going out on dates again after my divorce, I was kind of a mess. I hadn’t gotten over my ex yet. For the guy coming into the picture, just take it slow. Let her get to know you, and let her bring up the interactions with the kids.”

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