Tiffany Taylor Puts On A Lingerie Fashion Show

Curious about what Miss November 1998, Tiffany Taylor has been up to since her Centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

“I was frugal early in my modeling career. A lot of girls were buying nice cars and expensive clothes, and I had the same old car. The stock market was going great at the time, so I was investing and saving as much as I possibly could. Eventually I turned some of my savings into a condo; when I sold it, I reinvested the money in more real estate. Since then I’ve flipped three other properties. Today I own three places, and I’m working on buying a fourth.”

“My friend and I have started a lingerie company—-Lauralei. I’m more the business side; she’s leading the design side. But I still have input on the aesthetic. We want lingerie that’s beautiful, elegant, sexy and feminine. And we think there’s a need for lingerie that fits curvy women—-something that looks good on everybody.”

“We’re featuring the setting up of Lauralei Lingerie on a reality show I’m producing. We’re currently filming the pilot, which we’ll edit in the fall. My production company is working on four shows right now. Two are reality shows, one is a talk show—-similar to the Tonight Show format—-and the fourth is a cartoon that’s like something you’d see on Adult Swim. It’s sexy, funny and definitely adult humor.”

“I have a huge lingerie collection. It should be in a nice dresser, but I have so much that I’ve shoved it all into a gigantic plastic bin in my closet. I have everything: teddies, camisoles, garters. I don’t do fashion shows for a guy, but I’ll put something on as a surprise for him. Let’s just say they’re always surprised and enjoy my lingerie choices.”